Sanne Hoeksma (Senna Black lead vocal singer) 


Before her first appearance as Senna Black, Sanne Hoeksma was a young talented singer from a small town in The Netherlands. 

Coming from a musical family she soon decided to really push her creativity to the limit. With being part of three-girl group Three-ality with her sister Femke (disbanded in 2012 after the too-soon passing of fellow singer Maeike), graduating from the Musical Academy Amsterdam and receiving a Bachelor of Music in Utrecht, she tested the boundaries of her capabilities. Together with her band she sings lyrical Blues en Rock 'n Roll about love, life and 'getting high'

Nathaniel van Veenen (Guitar) 
The only one adjective that applies to Nathaniel van Veenen is cheesy, exaggerating, but, oh, so true: OBLITERATING! His skills are never-seen-before, he simply masters the tone. Nathaniel is a Groningen, The Netherlands, based cum laude Bachelor of Music. There’s a bright future for this Strat & Tele over any Fender amp lover. Experienced in Jazz, Blues, Rock and any other music style you can think of, he can really play everything. When recording Senna Black his amazing virtuosity was unprecedented. Nathaniel can match with the greats, no doubt he is a diamond in the rough. 
Nathaniel’s inspiration comes from Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler, Queen, Eric Clapton and John Scofield.  


Jeffrey Migchelsen (guitar)
Jeffrey Migchelsen is the most far-out guitar player guy in The Netherlands. He looks & plays the part. After his Bachelor of Music in Groningen he played with a whole variety of bands. During that he started to run his own Popmusic School in his hometown of Harderwijk. Knowing Senna Black for quite a long time he completed the band in 2016. Jeffrey is a master of the acoustic guitar and a honed Blues player when he plays his Fender Sunburst Strat through a ‘Jefferson amp'. 
Jeffrey likes to listen to Tom Petty and watch his four year old son performing Michael Jackson songs. 


Dennis Elderman (Drummer)
Not often you’ll find a drum prodigy like Dennis Elderman. Since receiving his Bachelor of Music on the young age of 21 he has been a fanatical steady backbeat to many Dutch based bands and performers. His sense of timing is sensational as proven every time on live and studio occasions. When it comes to gear Dennis likes to make his own mix of drums. Mostly he’ll be playing Yamaha beaters and Zildjian smashers. There’s no better man than the Elderman.
Dennis’ hero’s are The Beatles, James Taylor, Steely Dan, John Mayer, Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers and Miles, Davis. 


Jasper Blokzijl (Keys)
Pianoman Jasper Blokzijl is an experienced professional musician and a Bachelor of Music. He has his roots in the town of Groningen, The Netherlands, like the rest of the band. Prior to playing with Senna Black he played with Jazz-ensembles and notably with Dutch music group Henkus. One grey day he decided to soak up the sun in the Caribbean. He spent a good part of his life playing around the West Indies and after returning to Holland he quickly became part of the Senna Black adventure. Jasper is an expert with emotional piano ballads and brings the trade winds to the music when he plays his beloved Hammond B3.
Jasper has been influenced by a wide-range of flavors. From Lenny Kravitz and Rage of the Machine, Deep Purple and even Freddie King to more jazz orientated musical hero’s like Herbie Hancock and Oscar Peterson. 
Michael Nieuwenweg (bass)
Bass player Michael Nieuwenweg is Senna Black’s common ground. His playing is on par with her feelings. This normally quiet and well spoken computer-know-it-all transforms into a wizard gripped by a trance on stage. The Bachelor of Music loves working on new material and has played with numerous bands nationally and internationally. Michael enjoys every Fender Bass, fretful or fretless. And, man, is he proud of his Ampeg amplifier!
Michael is a fan of any Motown tune with James Jamerson and looks up to the perfect Pino Palladino.